Veteran Is Not Exempt From Funding Fee

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Another funding fee-exempt group consists of veterans who would be eligible for service-connected disability compensation if they were not receiving active duty pay. finally, surviving spouses of a veteran who died while in service or from a service-connected disability are exempt from funding fees.

 · Veterans often apply to buy a home with a non-veteran who is not their spouse. This is okay. However, it might not be their best choice.. They are exempt from the VA funding fee.

Who Is Exempt From The VA Funding Fee? – Equity Funding Source – Some veterans and spouses are eligible for exemption. Broadly speaking, veterans who received disability benefits – current or former and who are NOT currently in debt to the government may be exempt from the funding fee. Some spouses may qualify as well. The key thing to understand is, exemption from the funding fee is NOT automatic!

Who is Exempt from Paying the VA Loan Funding Fee? – VA loans are a great benefit for active duty, retired, reservists and survivng spouses to assist in buying a primary residence. I’ve used VA loan benefits twice to buy homes and it is one of the only remaining 100% loan programs available in today’s mortgage market.VA funding fees for non-exempt

 · Free tax return preparation for Veterans, military members and their families. Richard Keeling 59.. I believe I meet all of the various requirements but I need to know if it matters whether or not I financed the funding fee in with the mortgage.. My question do I need to still file a state tax return even though I am exempt and not paying.

Understanding the VA Funding Fee. The VA Funding Fee is a mandatory fee paid to the Department of Veterans Affairs, not the VA Lender you are using. Generally, all Veterans using the VA Home Loan Guaranty benefit must pay the VA Funding Fee, thereby reducing the cost of the VA Loan Program to taxpayers.

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What is a Certificate of Eligibility? – VA HLC – A "FUNDING FEE" field can be found at the top of the Certificate of Eligibility. There are three possible statuses that can be found next to the "FUNDING FEE" field. The statuses are: EXEMPT status indicates a veteran is exempt from paying the FF. NON EXEMPT status indicates a veteran is not exempt from paying the FF.

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